Sonic Vaporizer Features

Portable Design
The Sonic Vaporizer is small enough to fit inside your purse or pocket and can be used while on the go. Just load your favorite herb into the heating chamber, set the temperature, and you're ready to start vaporizing within seconds. The sleek and compact design ensure that you'll be discreet while vaporizing.
Advanced Heating Technology
The Sonic Vaporizer features a high-quality heating chamber to ensure that your herbs are being vaporized efficiently as possible. Unlike many other portable vaporizers that tend to burn or combust your herbs, the Sonic Vape was designed to produce only the highest quality vapor. You can be certain that you won't taste any plastic or metal while using this unit.
Precise Temperature Control
The Sonic Vaporizer utilizes a precise temperature control system that allows the user to control the vaporizing temperature with accuracy. Turn the temperature up for thicker vapor production or turn it down for a healthier approach. Just set your desired temperature and the Sonic will reach vaporizing temperatures within seconds. No waiting around.
Easy to Use
The Sonic Vaporizer is very simple to operate and produces considerable amounts of vapor with little effort. Unlike many other portable vaporizers that require butane or battery adjustments, the Sonic is very user-friendly. Simply inhale through the mouthpiece and enjoy the cleanest vapor possible.