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Sonic Vaporizer – Why Should I Vaporize?

Vaporizers are quickly becoming the wave of the future; yet many people still see these devices as a dangerous smoking contraption, as evidenced by the stringent public vaping restrictions imposed by cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. We believe that there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding vapes and we wanted to provide some information to help set the record straight.


While a vaporizer is significantly more expensive than your typical pipe, people who enjoy smoking dry herbs will be pleased to know that the long term effects of vaporizing your plants are far less deleterious than that of smoking. Think about it. If you’re smoking, you’re spending to purchase your medicinal herbs on a weekly or monthly basis. If you vaporize these herbs, you don’t need to use as much product for each session and you can get multiple uses out of each fill. This will make your dollars go further and protect your lungs in the process.


In the old days, you had to burn your plant material in order to gain any therapeutic or euphoric effects. The process of combustion results in numerous harmful toxins being released which can cause serious damage to the lungs, mouth and throat. When a plant material is burned, there are therapeutic ingredients that get released but the combustion process also results in the release of smoke which contains naphthalene, carbon monoxide, toluene and other destructive tars and byproducts.

The science is sound: the temperature range required to release therapeutic ingredients is between 350-420 degrees Fahrenheit. If you go any higher, the material will begin to burn; but you need not worry about that with the Sonic Vaporizer as our engineers have calibrated the ceramic heating element to never exceed 420 degrees. As opposed to igniting the material, the Sonic Vaporizer utilizes a convection current which occurs when the sides and base of the herbal chamber gets hot and the user pulls this hot air over and through the finely ground herbs inside the chamber.


There are numerous studies in the scientific community that point to the efficacy of vaporizers. A landmark study was conducted by the activist organizations MAPS and NORML in 2001 and then updated in 2004; this study analyzed the effectiveness of using an electric vaporizer to protect patients from the harmful toxins in smoke which cause respiratory harm. Another study was conducted in 2006 by the National Institute of Health which determined that the Volcano Vaporizer, the most well-known vaporizing device, was an effective means of delivery for pulmonary uptake of therapeutic ingredients while avoiding the respiratory disadvantages of smoking. We encourage you to read the full abstract of the study.


You're here because you've heard about the benefits of using a Sonic Vaporizer to vape on the go. But what if you've never used a vaporizer before? We're aware that many people who are recommended herbs for therapeutic benefit may not be aware of the different kinds of vaporizers out there — and boy, are there a bunch of vapes to choose from. A Portable Vaporizer is a device that heats your herbs to a temperature that is much lower than a lighter flame or butane torch emits. The best portable vaporizers, such as the Sonic, feature a heating element with a variable temperature control that allows vaporization to occur between 220 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

A portable vaporizer is characterized by its ability to heat up much quicker than a standard home vaporizer such as a Silver Surfer or Volcano, which uses AC power to raise the temperature of the heating block. In a portable vaporizer there is much less surface area since it is designed for stealth. Hence, the heating process takes far less time. In a portable vaporizer, there is a separate heating chamber for the dry herbs to live in and a conduction or convection current sends hot air through a screen then around and through your ground up herbs.

The first thing you need to do in order to use a portable vaporizer is to charge the internal battery. Most portable vapes charge fully within a 2 hour timeframe. Secondly, you want to grind up your favorite aromatherapy blend into very fine shreds. This will ensure more efficient extraction of the plant's ingredients and create a more flavorful and satisfying vapor. Third, take two or three pinches of ground herbs into the chamber, close the lid and attach your mouthpiece. Fourth, it's time to set your desired temperature. While some popular vaporizers function at a single temperature, the best portable vaporizers employ user-controlled temperature system and a digital display; this is the kind of system you'll see on your brand new Sonic Vaporizer. Fifth and finally, wait until you see the light change color and then begin to inhale gently on the mouthpiece for about 8 seconds to get a nice, fluffy cloud of tasty vapor.

The benefit of a portable vape like the Sonic is that it provides the same type of healthy vaporization with no combustion or burning that you would get from a plugged in unit at home, except this is the size of a wallet, so it's easy to take your herbs with you wherever you go. If you have any questions about your current portable vaporizer and how a Sonic Vaporizer might be a better option, feel free to contact us anytime.